Agnieszka Dębska laureate of Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarship Programme

Dr Agnieszka Dębska from the Laboratory of Language Neurobiology was selected for the Kosciuszko Foundation Exchange Program to the United States. The 5-month research project will be held at the University of Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee, under the supervision of Prof. James Booth. The project concerns the neural basis of the relation between structures responsible for orthographic and phonological processing in a longitudinal experimental design.

Prof. Booth his colleagues at the Brain Development Lab in Department of Psychology and Human Development have vast research experience in understanding the neural basis of reading development. In the last decade they laid foundation for research on the neural basis of orthographic and spoken language processes.

The project will broaden our understanding of the neurobiology of reading acquisition, an important academic and social skill.

Date of publication
29 March 2021