How does the public benefit from institute-industry partnerships?
Nencki Institute scientists’ are engaged in conducting basic research which may push the boundaries of human knowledge. From these cognitive processes they gain new knowledge and build basis for new inventions.

In the biomedical field, the development of inventions into working solutions is a cumbersome and resources consuming process. Entering partnership with the appropriate industry partner allows the translation of initial inventions into products that may be used by the society. Without this cooperation new products will not be created, because the Institute does not have sufficient resources.

How does Nencki Institute use the revenues from commercialization?
Nencki Institute is a publicly funded entity. The regulatory framework for its operations is set by the Act on the Polish Academy of Sciences (Dz. U. 2010 Nr 96 poz. 619 with changes), Copyright Act (Dz. U. 1994 Nr 24 poz. 83 with changes) and Industrial Property Act (Dz. U. 2001 Nr 49 poz. 508 with changes) and internal regulations. These regulations predefine how the revenues from licensing may be used.

Half of revenues decreased by the defined amount of costs related to the commercialization process directly benefits inventors as a bonus for their long-term commitment in the field on behalf of the academic society. This award is often granted many years after the initial invention.
The rest of revenues is used by the Institute for the statutory activities, mainly for research activities and those related to intellectual property protection processes.

What regulatory requirements does the Institute have to fulfil to license out the invention or sell the rights to it?
Act on the Polish Academy of Sciences (Dz. U. 2010 Nr 96 poz. 619 with changes) does regulate the management of Institutes’ assets including intellectual property rights. Because most of research activities is funded by public funds the Institute is obliged to has to establish the value of those rights. This is the only formal step that needs to take place before the agreement may be executed as those activities relate to commercialization processes. Commercialization processes are not regulated by the principles of managing state property.

Does Nencki Institute conduct research on the antibacterial and antiviral properties of compounds or materials?
Nencki Institute’s scientists do not conduct research in the field of microbiology thus are unable to help you.
However, the Institute is a member of PACTT - a network which enables contact with more than 60 universities and academic entities – and may direct you to the appropriate partner. Please use our contact form to send an inquiry.