Since the beginning of the Institute's activity, the mission of science popularization has been an important part of its educational activity. The employees of the Institute are involved in the organization of the most important popularization actions in the Country, which enable a wide audience to get acquainted with the subject of scientific works carried out at the Institute, as well as to broaden the basic scientific knowledge.
We have beentaking part in the creation of the Science Festival, which has been held annually for over 20 years. Within the framework of the Festival, numerous lectures and the Night of Biologists are organized, during which one can look behind the doors of research laboratories, usually closed to the public, and talk to scientists about their current research.

We also participate in the Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Center, which is the largest open-air event on scientific topics in Europe. During the picnic held at the National Stadion, in our tent we offer programs addressed to children as well as adults, when we show how fascinating biology is and engage participants in discussions about science.

The Institute organizes a Brain Week. It is an annual educational campaign aimed at popularizing knowledge about the brain and the nervous system and its functioning in normal and pathological conditions. Eminent specialists in neurobiology, neurology, psychiatry and neuropsychology are invited to give lectures, which  have an open formula and are addressed to all people interested in the issues of research on the nervous system and the latest developments in this field of science.
Every year Institute accepts scholarship holders of the Polish Children's Fund. They have the opportunity to visit laboratories, get acquainted with the work of scientists, and to perform interesting experiments on their own. Often these people later come on internship to the Institute or find mentors to help them develop their scientific interests.
We are also a member of BioCEN - a platform for contact between society and scientists. It was created on the initiative of young biologists, who recognized the fact that science and modern technologies have an increasing impact on everyday life, but this is not reflected in school education. That is why for many years the employees of the Institute have been organizing training workshops for teachers and students.
In 2019, the Nencki Institute received a grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as part of the Social Responsibility of Science project. The aim of the project is to present new scientific achievements in the field of biology to students and biology teachers. The project will last two years and will include lessons for children and teenagers and a Symposium for Biology Teachers.


For several years, the Nencki Institute has been running a channel on the Youtube platform - Nencki EduTube: The website features lectures held at the Nencki Institute and the Marceli Nencki Foundation for Supporting Biological Sciences.

Apart from participating in large events and popularization programs, we are invited to take part in smaller, local events and school meetings where we present our work as well as encourage people to broaden their basic biological knowledge. In particular, we try to inspire young people with the passion for science.



The activity of the Nencki Institute in the field of popularization was appreciated, among others, in the competition of the Science Service in Poland, the Polish Press Agency and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, by awarding the "Popularizer of Science 2013".

All those interested in cooperation are welcome to contact us at the address: and see on our facebook:

All those interested in cooperation are welcome to contact us at the address:  and see on our facebook:

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