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Nencki Institute’s activities concentrate on three main fields: scientific research, innovation, and education. Our scientific team combines biology, chemistry, computation, and technology to apply novel approaches to understand the fundamental nature of biological processes and solve complex research problems. Our main interest is focused on studies that can be directly translated to health protection and improving quality of life, including novel therapies and diagnostic methods in cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, neurological disorders, and other diseases of modern civilization.

To accelerate the innovation and translation of basic discoveries, we provide support of the Technology Transfer Unit and the Institute’s translational platform within the framework of the SPARK Global initiative, which fosters research that is conducted in cooperation with businesses and facilitates the transfer of knowledge from the laboratory to industry.

We are committed to educating and inspiring future leaders in science through the multidimensional training of young scientists within the framework of the Warsaw-4-PhD Doctoral School, Interdisciplinary Tri-Bio-Chem Doctoral Studies, and International PhD Program in Biomedical Research (Bio4Med).

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The Institute is in the A+ category of scientific achievement and potential, granted by the Committee for Evaluation of Scientific Units. Belonging to the leading scientific centers in the country, the Institute is where creative people, driven by knowledge and skills, connect, collaborate, and lead change. Our scientists combine state-of-the-art research approaches with precise tools and bioinformatics to implement ambitious, interdisciplinary research projects. Our main focus is on novel therapies and diagnostic methods for neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic disorders, cancer, and other diseases that afflict modern civilization.

Modern and well-equipped core facilities support scientific research, providing a wide range of services, including preclinical trials, DNA sequencing, genetic engineering, transgenic animal production, and biological imaging, from light and electron microscopy to magnetic resonance imaging. We also cooperate with industry to bring novel products to the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and biotechnological markets.


The Nencki Institute is one of the oldest non-university research institutions in Poland. It was established in Warsaw, in 1918, by the Warsaw Scientific Society, on the initiative of Kazimierz Białaszewicz Romuald Minkiewicz and Edward Flatau, to pay tribute to Professor Marceli Nencki - an outstanding Polish chemist, doctor and physiologist, considered to be one of the founders of modern biochemistry. The Institute's vigorous scientific activity was interrupted by the Second World War, during which it was completely destroyed, and most of its employees died. After the war, the Nencki Institute was temporarily located in Łódź. The transfer to its newly built headquarters in Warsaw, at 3 Pasteura Street, began in 1953, and The Institut is still operating at this address today.