Agreement between 4 leading institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences to establish a joint PhD School

On Friday 23rd of February 2018, The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, The Institute of Physical Chemistry, The Institute of Physics and The Institute of Organic Chemistry, signed a partnership agreement to join together in establishing a PhD School. The memorandum of understanding has been signed at The Nencki Institute, by Directors of the four Institutes: prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń, prof. Marcin Opałło, prof. Roman Puźniak and prof. Sławomir Jarosz, respectively. The purpose of this agreement, is to ensure that the highest level of PhD training and research in science and life sciences, is maintained by leading institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The initiative is in response to a new Higher Education Bill proposed by the Polish Parliament, from The Nencki Institute, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Physics and Institute of Organic Chemistry. All Parties have agreed to work towards establishing the PhD School from the beginning of the new academic year, should the law take effect at that time.

Date of publication
26 February 2018