Brain Imaging Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

we would like to cordially invite you to the upcoming Brain Imaging Meeting organized by Laboratory of Brain Imaging (LOBI) and Laboratory of Language Neurobiology (LLN).

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 27.04.2022 at 2.30 PM, in in the Konorski Hall (2nd floor) and online under the link:

During the meeting prof. Christian A. Klöckner, from Norwegian University of Science and Technology will present a talk entitled: "Psychology and climate change – some recent insights"

The presentation will dive into some recent studies around psychological predictors and barriers to climate actions, and climate communication. I will present a behaviour model and a behaviour change model and apply them to climate change actions, exploring the role of emotions in them. Then I will discuss some communication barriers and propose new ideas for overcoming them.

Christian A. Klöckner - professor in Social Psychology and quantitative methods at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He leads the research group for “Citizen, Environment, and Safety” which is focusing on researching individual, social and contextual drivers of environmental decisions (including food, energy, mobility, housing).

Read more about our project with Christian A. Klöckner:
The research conducted in this project is financed by Norway Grants No. 2019/34/H/HS6/00677.


Date of publication
25 April 2022
Date of event