Brain Imaging Meeting

Dear Colleagues,
we would like to invite you to upcoming Brain Imaging Meeting organised by Laboratory of Brain Imaging (LOBI) and Laboratory of Language Neurobiology (LLN).
The seminar will take place on Wednesday (18th of November) at 2.30 PM, via google meet platform under the link:

During the meeting Aleksandra Herman, PhD from LOBI will present a talk entitled: “Trait impulsivity associated with altered resting-state functional connectivity within the somatomotor network”

Knowledge of brain mechanisms underlying self-regulation can provide valuable insights into how people regulate their thoughts, behaviours, and emotional states, and what happens when such regulation fails. Self-regulation is supported by coordinated interactions of brain systems. Hence, behavioural dysregulation, and its expression as impulsivity, can be usefully characterised using functional connectivity methodologies applied to resting brain networks. I am going to present the results from the study testing whether individual differences in trait impulsivity are reflected in the functional architecture within and between resting-state brain networks. Thirty healthy individuals completed a self-report measure of trait impulsivity and underwent resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging. We identified across participants ten networks of regions (resting-state networks) with temporally correlated time courses. We then explored how individual expression of these spatial networks covaried with trait impulsivity. Across participants, we observed that greater self-reported impulsivity was associated with decreased connectivity of the right lateral occipital cortex with the somatomotor network. No supratheshold differences were observed in between-network connectivity. Our findings implicate the somatomotor network, and its interaction with sensory cortices, in the control of (self-reported) impulsivity. The observed ‘decoupling’ may compromise effective integration of early perceptual information (from visual and somatosensory cortices) with behavioural control programmes, potentially resulting in negative consequences.

See you there!
Brain Imaging Meeting Team 

Date of publication
13 November 2020
Date of event