Danube Labs Award for Nencki Institute

Nencki Institute has received Danube Labs Award for a translational project of Dr Sumara’s team - Dioscuri Center for Metabolic Diseases. For approx. 10 months the project will be given funding for assessing feasibility of a drug based on scientific results and for toxicology studies. Danube Labs supports Nencki Institute in terms of drug development and business development. When all agreed milestones are met at the end of the pre-incubation period, Danube Labs will commercialize the project through a spin-out company or out-licencing.

Danube Labs Award effectively fills the so called “death valley curve” – dangerous time when a project begins operations but has no funding – at early stage drug discovery projects. It also provides the expertise needed for successful implementation of fundamental research results in a therapeutic solution and achieving first-in-human study milestone. The award allows also to verify reproducibility of the initial results by a third party, which significantly mitigates risks, including business risk,  at further stages of the project development.

Nencki Institute’s research groups combine biology, chemistry, computation, imaging and apply novel approach to understand the fundamental nature of biological processes and solve complex research problems. The main interest is focused on studies that can be directly translated to healthcare and improve quality of life, including new therapies and diagnostic methods in cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, neurological disorders, and other civilization diseases. To accelerate the innovation and practical implementation of fundamental discoveries, Nencki Institute offers a mentoring programme SPARK Poland - an initiative supporting translational projects, so they can be effectively implemented in clinical practice, by matching scientists with industry professionals.

Danube Labs is a partnership of CEBINA GmbH (Central European Biotech Incubator and Accelerator), Evotec SE (drug discovery alliance and development partnership company) and CEBINA Bridge Capital (regulated AIFMD fund). Danube Labs was launched to fast-track early-stage academic research (at the stage of in vitro/in vivo proof of concept) to drug discovery and development, through pre-incubation and subsequent establishment of new biotech companies. Throughout the pre-incubation period, partners in the Danube Labs thoroughtly support projects in terms of drug discovery and drug development utilizing Evotec’s multimodality development platform, as well as CEBINA’s business development expertise paired with hands on activities. Danube Labs activities are supported through CEBINA Bridge Capital Limited, a private fund established in Gibraltar.

10 March 2023