Dr Hanna Nieznańska becomes Head of the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy at the Nencki Institute

As a result of a competition procedure, Dr. Hanna Nieznańska has become the new head of the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy. Dr Nieznańska graduated in pharmacy from the Medical University of Warsaw. She received a PhD degree at the Nencki Institute, and completed her scientific internship at the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Salzburg. Her scientific interests cover the prion protein and other amyloidogenic proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases. In her research, she uses electron microscopy techniques as standard.

The Laboratory of Electron Microscopy offers comprehensive services, ranging from sample preparation, to imaging in a transmission electron microscope. The laboratory also includes a histology unit, which allows preparation of microscopic specimens and histological staining. More information can be found at:

Date of publication
8 February 2019