Lectures in biochemistry and molecular biology 2020/2021

From molecule to cell
Online lectures
9-10 am, Wednesdays

I. Integrative cellular physiology

Cellular structure, signaling and function
Cellular proteostasis network in health and disease (P. Brągoszewski) October 14, 2020
Protein synthesis (M. Dziembowska) October 21, 2020
Structure and function of cellular membranes (K. Kwiatkowska) October 28, 2020
Posttranslational modifications of proteins and their functional significance (A. Filipek) November 4, 2020
Transport through biological membranes (K. Nałęcz) November 18, 2020
Mitochondrial ion channels – from structure to function (A. Szewczyk) November 25, 2020
Endocytosis (M. Miączyńska) December 2, 2020
Exocytosis (A. Strzelecka-Kiliszek) December 9, 2020
Microtubules and microtubule-based structures (D. Włoga) December 16, 2020
Actin-based cytoskeleton and molecular motors (J. Rędowicz) January 13, 2020
Mechanisms of cell migration (J. Rędowicz) January 20, 2021
Bioenergetics (K. Zabłocki) January 27, 2021
Principles of intracellular calcium signaling (K. Zabłocki) February 3, 2021
Exam February 10, 2021


2. Cell cycle and cell fate

Cellular senescence – the mechanism and the role in organismal aging and age-related diseases (G. Mosieniak) February 24, 2021
Autophagy and cell death – molecular mechanisms and function (I. Ciechomska) March 3, 2021
Molecular mechanisms of cancerogenesis – the current view (K. Piwocka) March 10, 2021

II. Genetic information

Nuclear organization of the genome – from structure to function (A. Magalska) March 17, 2021
Regulatory mechanisms of transcription (B. Kamińska) March 24, 2021
DNA methylation (W. Leśniak) March 31, 2021
Epigenetic mechanisms of regulation of gene expression (B. Kamińska) April 14, 2021
Genome evolution (A. Pękowska) April 21, 2019

III. From cell signaling to the system

From cell senescence to ageing of the body (E. Sikora) April 28, 2021
Cellular stress response and leukemia microenvironment (K. Piwocka) May 5, 2021
Dysfunction of mitochondria and their effects for the cell (J. Szczepanowska) May 12, 2021
Regulation of cell signaling by microRNAs (U. Wojda) May 19, 2021

IV. Methods in cell biology, tissue engineering

Imaging of structures and processes in cells and tissues (A. Magalska) May 26, 2021
Imaging of intracellular dynamics (J. Szymański) June 2 2021
Genetic modifications of rodents (A. Klejman) June 9, 2021
Inducible gene expression in transgenic animals (W. Konopka) June 16, 2021
Regulatory genomics/bioinformatics (M. Dąbrowski) June 23, 2021
Exam June 30, 2021