ERA-NET EuroNanoMed III Grant for the Nencki Institute

The consortium led by Prof. Bozena Kaminska has been granted with the ERA-NET EuroNanoMed III funding for the project iNanoGun: Reactivation of antitumor immune responses in gliomas using nanotechnology based targeted delivery. The consortium consists of partners from France, Estonia, Italy and Poland.

Immunotherapy is a revolutionary  approach to stimulate the immune system to fight cancer, but many cancers (including glioblastomas, malignant brain tumor) respond poorly to immunotherapies. The project aims  to sensitize glioblastoma to immunotherapy and reactivate proper immune responses in the tumor microenvironment by re-educating brain immune cells. The aim of the project is to develop smart nanocarrier systems (targeted to the brain and passing through a blood brain barrier) to deliver small interfering RNA (siRNA) to immune cells, re-educate them and revive their antitumor activities. This project will validate the innovative strategy of therapeutic modulation of immune cells to improve immunotherapy in brain tumors models.


27 November 2020