Things to See & Do

Look how many art is here!

Warsaw boasts of the fantastic collections of the National Museum. There is also the famous Museum of Polish Jews (POLIN) and the amazing Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, which are certainly worth visiting at least once during your stay in Warsaw, but – there are also many surprising galleries in Warsaw and places where contemporary art reigns supreme. Worth a visit Modern Art Center, Zachęta Gallery, Photoplasticon, Poster Museum and Capitol Theater who plays live performances in English


Warsaw Music Festiwals

Warsaw is vibrant with music. Especially around the holidays, when there are so many different festivals in this city that it is impossible to tell. You just have to hear it. The popular ones include:

Orange Warsaw Festival – You will like if you love everything that is fashionable, known and respected all over the world in music.

Warsaw Singer Jewish Festival – It connects the applied and culinary arts, klezmer music and Jewish theater markets.

Crossing Of Cultures – It is a festival where all the world’s musical cultures intersect.

Chopin Competition – One of the oldest and most famous music competitions in the world. It attracts the best piano virtuosos from all over the world.

Warsaw Autumn – International Festival of Contemporary Music.

Eat what ever you like

In Poland you will fall in love with sour rye soup, dumplings, pork chops and pickled cucumbers.

And if you miss it for French, Italian, Asian or any other cuisine, you will also find great places here.

Warsaw is also one of the largest vegan food scenes in Europe.

Take a break from the City in the City

Warsaw is a city that is still under construction. At the moment, as many as a dozen skyscrapers are being built here, including the highest in the entire European Union. But … there are also green areas that constitute as much as 25% of the city’s area, and several of them are especially welcome.

The Royal Łazienki – The famous park with the Palace on the Water, hundreds of tame squirrels and peacocks strutting proudly, with streams, ponds, hills, clearings and a monument to Chopin by a magnificent fountain (in summer, magical piano concerts are held here).

Mokotowskie Field – Huge green area, the central point of which is a magnificent pond with an island and fountains. A place full of sports and recreational activities.

Gardens On BUW Roof – Sooner or later, every resident of Warsaw will end up here, because it’s worth it. It is one of the largest and most beautiful roof gardens in all of Europe. From here, in peace and quiet, you can admire the panorama of the city.

Vistula Boulevards – This is where Varsovians like to rest on weekends, because the Vistula Boulevard is a unique scene club and party located on the shore of still a little wild river.

Zegrze Lagoon – Warsaw suffers from a deficit of city lakes, but in less than an hour you can get to the huge Zegrze Reservoir (41 km long and 3.5 km wide), where there is no shortage of attractions for lovers of all water sports and other forms of recreation.

You don't have to miss your home culture

Take it easy, Warsaw is a place with many cultural institutions from most countries of the world. The most important are the British Council, the Danish Cultural Institute, The Goethe Institute, the Cervantes Institute, the Italian Cultural Institute and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. There are also schools in Warsaw dedicated to expat children who want to for their children to be educated in their home education systems.


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