Why Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the centre of Polish political and economic life with a lively social and cultural scene. It is also an unchallenged leader of Poland’s academic life and one of the largest academic cities in this region of Europe.

Live in Poland!

Good news. Poland moved up from 25th to 13th place in the specialist HSBC ranking Expat Annual League, which assesses where to move to live well, raise a family and have a good job. In Warsaw, the capital of Poland, where the Nencki Institute is located, the chances for a career and professional development as well as economic stability and the so-called work life balance are high. And Warsaw is a dynamic city open to expats.

The City in the heart of Poland

Warsaw is also relatively close to all types of nature diversity you might want to have on hand. In 4 hours you can get from here comfortably by train to the Polish seaside or in Polish mountains. It is even closer to the phenomenal Masuria, the land of Polish lakes, known all over the world. Right next to Warsaw, there is the Kampinos Forest (Puszcza Kampinoska), where you can meet wild animals and real, untouched nature.

The City full of possibilities

Do you want broad access to culture? Great news – in Polish cinemas all films are played in their original languages, and instead of dubbing, only Polish subtitles on the screen are available! There are also museums with foreign-speaking guides, theaters with transcriptions of acting dialogues in English, an opera and dozens of underground scenes with concerts, performances and events worth visiting.

The City easy to move

One of the advantages of Warsaw itself is excellent public transport. Maybe there are only two metro lines here, but the network of bus, tram and rail lines, airport, stations, city bike and scooter systems are impressive.

Cheap City to live

The costs of living in the Polish capital are still friendly to foreigners. Warsaw ranks 158th among 230 European cities surveyed in terms of the cost of living in the Numbeo ranking.