Interdisciplinary PhD programme TRI-BIO-CHEM “From chemistry to bioinnovation for a better life”

Under the agreement concluded between the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, the Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology and the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, PAS, a four-year interdisciplinary PhD programme TRI-BIO-CHEM has been launched. The programme will be implemented between 01. 03. 2018 and 28. 02. 2023 within a project funded by the National Centre for Research and Development  (NCRD) under the Knowledge Development Education Operational Programme.

The main goal of the interdisciplinary PhD training within the TRI-BIO-CHEM programme is to educate specialists prepared to work and/or pursue a scientific career at the interface of chemistry, biology and engineering/technical studies.

Date of publication
1 December 2017