Invitation for a lecture of prof. Martin Vingron

Dear All

I would like to invite to you a lecture that we organize on the 12th of September at 2pm in the CN Hall at the Nencki Institute. We will host prof. Martin Vingron, head of the Transcriptional Regulation Group and the Scientific Director of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin.

Prof. Vingron will give a lecture entitled: Machine learning in gene regulation: simple methods and complex data

This presentation will summarize a few projects where machine learning methods are being employed to unravel gene regulatory mechanisms. The challenge lies in the combination of DNA sequence information with functional measurements on the epigenetic state of the chromatin in order to rationalize in which cellular state a gene gets activated. Time permitting, I will include some philosophical remarks on the importance of the choice of positive and, especially, negative training data.

The lecture will be followed by a get together reception.

With best regards
Aleksandra Pękowska

Date of publication
2 September 2022
Date of event
Nencki Institute