Minister’s Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scientists

Dr. Tomasz Wypych, head of the Microbiome Research Laboratory at the Nencki Institute, has received a scholarship from the Minister of Education and Science for outstanding young scientists showing significant achievements in scientific activities.

This year, the scholarships were awarded to 215 scientists representing all scientific and artistic disciplines. Dr. Wypych was awarded in the "biological sciences" category.

After receiving his PhD from the University of Bern, Dr. Wypych completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. In December 2020, he was the winner of the Group Leader 2020 open competition at Nencki Institute. He opened his laboratory in April 2021.

Dr. Wypych's research focuses on the role of the microbiome in shaping the immune system, with a particular emphasis on finding new microbiome-based therapeutics.

Date of publication
9 August 2022