Nencki Institute on the Polish Map of Research Infrastructure

On 14 January 2020, by the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Nencki Institute's project entitled "Biological and biomedical imaging infrastructure - Bio-Imaging Poland (BIPol)" was placed on the Polish Map of Research Infrastructure, in the field of biomedical sciences.

The BIPol project concerns research infrastructure which is a contribution to the international Euro-BioImaging project included in the ESFRI Roadmap (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures). Its aim is to create a centre of the most modern and unique research infrastructure for biological and biomedical imaging, mainly focused on the diagnosis and therapy of civilization diseases.

The Polish Map of Research Infrastructure focuses on infrastructures with the highest potential for scientific excellence, consolidating research potential in areas relevant to the development of Polish science. Placing research infrastructure on the Polish Map of Research Infrastructure is not only an expression of recognition of its research potential, but also increases the chances of the project applying for funds allocated by the Ministry for investments related to scientific activities.

The leader of the BIPol project is the Nencki Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, while the consortium members are the Jagiellonian University, and the Mossakowski Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

More information on the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

Date of publication
23 January 2020