Nencki Institute partnership at 8th Mazovia Development Forum

On 26th October 2017 the 8th Mazovia Development Forum organized by the Mazovian Unit of EU Programmes Implementation will be held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Digitization and the Marshal of the Mazovia Voivodeship. Nencki Institute will be one of the Partners of the event.

The eighth edition of the Mazovian Development Forum will be devoted to three issues - cooperation, development and implementation, without which it is difficult to talk about strengthening the competitiveness of the economy. This year's edition includes 10 debates, dozens of presentations and workshops, where over 80 experts from the administration, business, science and non-government sectors will share their experiences.

During Forum, Nencki Institute will present its potential in creating innovative solutions. We will offer partnering opportunities and present our range of research and consulting services for the industry aimed at introducing innovative diagnostic and modern therapies, including pre-clinical research, development of dermocosmetics, genetic engineering and transgenic animals production services. We will present products based on our research in cooperation with industrial entities that are currently being introduced to the market.  As a result of the joint project with the Dr Irena Eris Laboratory, 7 types of specialized dermocosmetics have been introduced: 2 creams of the Pharmaceris V series for patients with vitiligo and a special Pharmaceris H Stimutone shampoo that slows down graying and stimulates hair growth as well as 4 creams of Lirene Ideale Pro series. Another example of a commercial product created in collaboration with the industry is Dr. Neuronowski's therapeutic program - an innovative tool for the rehabilitation of children and adults with speech disorders and other cognitive disorders.

We appreciate the existing collaborations and we are open to new cooperation with industrial entities to bring novel products to the market. During the event we will welcome companies to talk with us about the possibility of cooperating in commercialization of our inventions and partnerships in new projects.

Participation in the forum is free, but one must submit a participation request via the website

Date of publication
20 October 2017