Nencki Institute Seminar

Dear All

it is my pleasure to invite you to the next Nencki Institute Seminar on Thursday May 12th at 3 pm, in the CN lecture hall. We will host dr Salvatore Spicuglia, head of the Functional genomics of normal and leukemic T cells team at the TAGC (Theories and Approaches of Genomic Complexity) in Marseilles.

Dr. Spicuglia will give a lecture entitled: Dissection of cis-regulatory elements with dual promoter and enhancer function: From high-throughput approaches to mechanistic insights


Gene expression is controlled by the involvement of gene-proximal (promoters) and distal (enhancers) regulatory elements. Our previous results have demonstrated that a subset of gene promoters, termed Epromoters, works as bona fide enhancers and regulates distal gene expression. Here, we hypothesized that Epromoters play a key role in the coordination of rapid gene induction during the inflammatory response. Using a high-throughput reporter assay we explored the function of Epromoters in response to type I interferon. We found that clusters of IFNa-induced genes are frequently associated with Epromoters and that these regulatory elements preferentially recruit the STAT1/2 and IRF transcription factors and distally regulate the activation of interferon-response genes. Based on these findings, we developed a bioinformatic pipeline to predict Epromoter-like regulated clusters. Using this pipeline, we identified and validated the involvement of Epromoter-containing clusters in the regulation of several inflammatory and stress responses. Our findings suggest that Epromoters function as a local hub recruiting the key TFs required for coordinated regulation of a subset of gene clusters during the inflammatory and stress responses.

We also cordially invite you to the get together reception which will follow dr Spicuglia’s talk.

Best regards

Aleksandra Pękowska

Date of publication
6 May 2022
Date of event
CN lecture hall