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Next Thursday, 30th of June, at 3 pm, we will e-host dr. Terence D. Capellini, who is a Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. His interdisciplinary lab bridges functional genomics and genetics, developmental biology, medical genetics, and paleoanthropology. Currently, the research in dr. Capellini group is focusing on how gene regulation shapes different bones of the skeleton, how interbreeding with Neandertals facilitated human skeletal adaptations, and most applicable, how alterations to gene regulation during human evolution have influenced the modern world-wide risk of joint-specific osteoarthritis.

Title The Regulation of Human Skeletal Development

Short Abstract

This talk will focus on the regulation of human skeletal development concentrating on both its evolutionary origins and connections to musculoskeletal disease risk.  In this context, I will discuss functional genomics and targeted genetic approaches that allowed us to identify causal disease variants in mice and humans.


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Date of publication
24 June 2022
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