Nencki Institute Seminar
Dear All
I would like to cordially invite you to the next Nencki Institute Seminar which will take place on the 2nd of February, at 3pm in the CN lecture hall. We will host Dr Chris Toseland from the University of Sheffield. Dr Toseland uses a combination of cutting edge technologies to decipher the unexpected roles of pathways implicated in physical force sensing in the regulation of nuclear processes including DNA replication or transcription.
Dr Toseland will give a lecture entitled: Exploring the roles of myosin proteins in the nucleus.

Myosins are well characterised cytoskeletal proteins but a subset also exists within the nucleus. Here we focus on myosin VI, a protein which is regulated by an array of partner proteins that relate to functions ranging from endocytosis, autophagy and cellular homeostasis. Myosin VI is present in the nucleus and contributes to gene expression, DNA damage response and chromosome organisation. With regard to transcription, using a combination of super resolution imaging and 3D single molecule tracking we will show how myosin VI can support transcription hub formation. The hubs bring together several genes and multiple RNA Polymerase molecules to enable simultaneous gene expression. For the DNA damage response, we will reveal how myosin VI contributes to DNA damage signalling following treatment with cancer therapeutics. We will also explore how chromosome rearrangements occur during these processes. Overall, there are multiple nuclear functions of myosin VI, similar to its diverse activity in the cytoplasm. Myosin VI has roles in cancer and neurodegeneration, further studies will reveal if the nuclear activity contributes to disease.

The seminar will be followed by a get togehter.
With best wishes
Aleksandra Pekowska
Date of publication
27 January 2023
Date of event
Nencki Institute