Nencki Institute Seminar

Dear All

I would like to warmly invite you to our next Nencki Institute Seminar on the 23th of November at 3pm in the CN lecture hall. We will host Dr. Marcin Tabaka (International Centre for Translational Eye Research, Warsaw, Poland Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland)Dr. Tabaka's lecture will be entitled: "Single-cell sequencing approaches to resolve biological processes in health and disease"


The single-cell sequencing approaches allow researchers to uncover rare cell types, reveal the diversity of cell populations, infer the developmental trajectories of cell lineages, and discover their regulatory mechanisms. Recent progress in developing uni- and multimodal single-cell techniques has enabled to study the complex biological systems and processes simultaneously at many layers of gene regulation. Understanding how the gene expression programs are modulated over time in disease progression and in responses to stimuli is one of the long-standing challenges. During the seminar, I will discuss experimental and computational methods for analyzing the genome-wide features in single cells. In particular, I will focus on developed approaches for (i) inference and visualization of developmental cell trajectories, (ii) creation of large-scale cell atlases, (iii) identification of cell-cell interactions, with their application to study cell population dynamics, gene circuits, and their dysregulation in various disease settings.


The lecture will be followed by a get together.

With best wishes
Tomasz Wypych

17 November 2023
2023-11-23 15:00:00
2023-11-23 16:00:00
Nencki Institute