Nencki Institute supports childrens from the Child Care Centre in Włocławek

The Nencki Institute supports alumni of the Child Care Centre in Włocławek

We are pleased to announce that from 27th February 2021, The Nencki Institute is supporting children from the Child Care Centre in Włocławek. Prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń, Director of the Nencki Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and Paweł Rieske, Director of the Centre, signed an agreement at the Włocławek City Hall, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Włocławek, Ms Domicela Kopaczewska, on joint activities of supporting development, and providing favourable conditions, for the education of children and young people from the Childcare Centre in Włocławek.

The Nencki Institute will provide support for children and young people of the Child Care Centre through:

  1. assistance in learning, access to qualified scientific staff, world-class scientists, and researchers;
  2. development of interests of children showing abilities within the field of biology and medicine, by providing opportunities to participate in classes of neurobiology, neurophysiology, cell biology and biochemistry, molecular biology
  3. the opportunity to participate in conferences and scientific meetings organised by the Institute
  4. the opportunity to participate in open popular science lectures.

We are very much looking forward to our future cooperation. Now it’s time to act, to invest in the development and future of the children, to realise Pavel Rieske's desire to ensure the children have an equal chance to become outstanding lawyers, doctors, professors, writers, and professionals. Let us help them spread their wings, because "The child is tomorrow..." (Janusz Korczak, Nasz Dom "Robotnik" 1919 no. 410 Dzieła, t.XIV1,p.193).

03 March 2021