Nencki Instuitute Seminar

Dear All

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the Nencki Institute Seminar which will take place online next Thursday, February the 17th, at 3 pm.

We will host Prof. Rafał Bartoszewski from the Department of Biology and Pharmaceutical Botany at the Medical University of Gdansk, who will give a lecture entitled Modulators or power switches in cellular stress responses: miRNA lessons from hypoxia and UPR.


miRNAs are genome-encoded small RNAs that mediate post-transcriptional silencing of mRNA targets in a sequence-dependent fashion. Notably, miRNA are an important component of dynamic cellular stress responses, allowing cells to effectively counteract diverse stresses and ensuring the cell's survival or alternatively eliminating damaged or unwanted cells. During the presentation, I will discuss the miRNA involvement in adaptive response to hypoxia as well as their role in unfolded protein response 1, 2. I will focus on our experimental results of integration of miRNA levels changes with the main transcriptomic regulators of both of these stress responses including HIF-1, HIF-2 and XBP1 as well as their functional consequences 3, 4, 5, 6.


  1. Bartoszewski R, et al.Primary endothelial cell-specific regulation of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1 and HIF-2 and their target gene expression profiles during hypoxia.FASEB J 33, 7929-7941 (2019).
  2. Bartoszewski R, et al.The unfolded protein response (UPR)-activated transcription factor X-box-binding protein 1 (XBP1) induces microRNA-346 expression that targets the human antigen peptide transporter 1 (TAP1) mRNA and governs immune regulatory genes.J Biol Chem 286, 41862-41870 (2011).
  3. Bartoszewska S,et al.. miR-34c-5p modulates X-box-binding protein 1 (XBP1) expression during the adaptive phase of the unfolded protein response. FASEB J 33, 11541-11554 (2019).
  4. Bartoszewska S, et al.The hypoxia-inducible miR-429 regulates hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha expression in human endothelial cells through a negative feedback loop.FASEB J 29, 1467-1479 (2015).
  5. Janaszak-Jasiecka A, et al.eNOS expression and NO release during hypoxia is inhibited by miR-200b in human endothelial cells.Angiogenesis 21, 711-724 (2018).
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Meeting ID: 982 2223 1110
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Date of publication
11 February 2022
Date of event