New Group Leader in Nencki Institute

Dr. Anna Beroun is a new Group Leader at the Center of Neural Plasticity and Brain Disorders (BRAINCITY) of the Nencki Institute. She will be heading the research group “Laboratory of Neuronal Plasticity”.

Dr. Beroun’s research focuses on synaptic plasticity processes triggered by learning. In particular, her team aims to define how modifications of synapses in brain reward pathways contribute to the formation of appetitive memories (remembering positive events) and what drives the development of addiction – an extremely durable form of memory.

Dr. Beroun obtained her PhD at the Göttingen University, Germany. She joined the Nencki Institute as a postdoctoral researcher. She received grants from National Science Centre and the Foundation for Polish Science and published in top-tier scientific journals, such as Nature NeurosciencePNAS, EMBO J. and Biological Psychiatry. Her publications have received the Jerzy Konorski Awards from the Polish Neuroscience Society for the best neuroscience research conducted in Poland.

Date of publication
15 September 2020