A method for detecting an increased risk of developing skin cancer and a use of a genotype variant of the GRHL3 gene
Patent inventors: Agnieszka Kikulska, Tomasz Wilanowski, Piotr Rutkowski

This invention relates generally to the field of cancer diagnostics, and in particular to the detection of an increased risk of developing a skin cancer. Specifically, the present invention relates to a method of detecting and identifying an increased risk of developing a skin cancer in a human patient based on polymorphisms of the GRHL3 gene. The present invention is useful in medical diagnostics, and cancer risk screening.

Patents were granted in Australia, USA and Europe, validated in United Kingdom. Nencki Institute is the sole applicant.

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Application number:
MI2013A002141 (19 Dec 2013), P.410049 (03 Nov 2014), PCT/PL2014/0500078 (19 Dec 2014), USA 15106163 (19 Dec 2014), AU 20140367369 (19 Dec 2014), EP 14835533.2 (19 Dec 2014)
Patent number:
US 10000816 (19 Jun 2018), EP 3083999 (05 Jun 2019), AU 2014367369 (09 Jul 2020)
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