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An ecologically relevant system and a method for testing spontaneous social interactions in group-housed mice
Patent inventors: Paweł Boguszewski, Bartłomiej Juszczyk, Grzegorz Kasprowicz, Ewelina Knapska, Rafał Krawczyk, Szymon Łęski,  Alicja Puścian, Paweł Rasiński, Lech Mankiewicz

The subject of the invention is Eco-HAB, the system for studying social interactions in mouse models of social impairments. The system is based on a RFID (Radio Frequency-Based Identification) technology, and offers automated recording of social interactions between animals. Eco-HAB comprises several compartments connected by tube-shaped corridors, which resemble the natural environment in which mice live. Unlike classic sociability tests, Eco-HAB provides high reproducibility of measurements of spontaneous, ecologically relevant social behaviours. Interactions between the experimenter and animals is reduced to minimum, thus obtaining results require less manpower and time.

Patent was granted in USA. Nencki Institute is the co-owner of the applicable rights with Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The institute is responsible for patent protection and commercialization related activities.

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Application number:
P.414188 (30 Sep 2015), PCT/EP2016/052914 (11 Feb 2016), US 15763110 (11 Feb 2016), DE 112016004460.7
Patent number:
US10638722 (05 May 2020)
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