Method for detecting increased kidney cancer incidence risk and applications of the genotype variants of GRHL1 and/or GRHL2 and/or GRHL3 genes
Patent inventors: Magdalena Pawlak, Agnieszka Kikulska, Tomasz Wilanowski, Joanna Wesoły, Bartosz Wilczyński

The present invention relates to methods for the identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in the GRHL1, GRHL2 and GRHL3 genes and the use of these polymorphisms as markers to identify patients at increased susceptibility to cancer of the kidneys.

Patent was granted in Poland and Nencki Institute is the sole applicant.

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Application number:
P.414469 (23 Oct 2015), PCT/IB2015/059225 (30 Nov 2015)
Patent number:
PL234915 (22 Jan 2020)
Patent status: