Seminarium Instytutu Nenckiego

Dear All

I would like to invite you to the next Nencki Institute Seminar which will take place next Thursday, June 27th at 3pm in the CN lecture Hall. Within the framework of the STER program, we will host prof. Alexei Verkhratsky from the University of Manchester.

Alexei has a long standing interest in the biology of glial cells, with a particular focus on Astrocytes. His numerous discoveries pertain to the mechanisms of astrocyte signaling, astrocytes’ implication in brain physiology, ageing, and pathology. He is a fantastic and engaging lecturer and a great mentor.

His lecture on Thursday will be entitled: Astrocytes in diseases of mood and cognition



Psychiatric diseases and diseases of cognition reflect abnormal information processing in the brain, which most stems from aberrant neurotransmission, deficient neuroplasticity, malformation of synaptic connections, impaired myelination and a faulty connectome. Neuroglia contribute to all psychiatric diseases and preclinical research demonstrated that specific manipulation of astrocytes or cells of the oligodendrocyte lineage is sufficient to trigger several psychiatric syndromes. Asthenia, morphological atrophy and loss of homeostatic functions dominate neuroglial contributions to the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders. Glial cells also appear as targets for anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs.

PhD Students please do not hesitate to join the discussion with Alexei during the special session at 12:30. There are still spots left!

The lecture will be followed by a get together.


With best wishes
Aleksandra Pękowska

Data publikacji
24 czerwca 2024
Data wydarzenia
Nencki Institute, CN lecture hall