Recruitment to Doctoral School Warsaw-4-PhD

Nencki Institute announces recruitment to Warsaw Doctoral School of Natural and BioMedical Sciences Warsaw-4-PhD. The school offers education in 4 scientific disciplines: biology, chemistry, physics, and medicine.


Become a PhD student at one of the largest non-university institutes in Poland in the field of biology and biomedical sciences, under the new PhD Programme.

Advance your academic career and develop your research interests under the supervision of the outstanding researchers who’s competence and openness will help you to fulfil your ambitions.

The PhD Programme offered at Warsaw-4-PhD School is addressed to English-speaking students, graduates of the second-cycle studies (uniform master-level studies or equivalent).

If you are active and creative and you wish to develop your research interests and broaden academic knowledge by conducting scientific research, we will be pleased to welcome you to our school.

Recruitment On-Line has already started:

Don't miss your chance! Recruitment lasts until August 18, 2019

Date of publication
2 August 2019