Reporting Session of the Nencki Institute’s Scientific Council

The Scientific Council reporting session, based on Nencki Institute activities, took place on February 2nd, 2018. Prof. Andrzej Wrobel opened the meeting, welcoming guests and beginning the session with selected scientific achievements of the Nencki Institute in 2017 presented by:

- dr hab. Iwona Ciechomska – Various faces of autophagy, role of autophagy in cancer cells;

- mgr Małgorzata Wierzba – Role of emotion in memory: an fMRI study of intentional remembering and forgetting.

The report on the Nencki Institute activities in 2008-2017 was presented by the outgoing director, prof. Adam Szewczyk.

The newly elected Director of the Nencki Institute, prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń, thanked the Director and deputies, prof. Hanna Fabczak and Witold Konopka, for their enormous contribution to the development of the Institute. She also awarded prof. Szewczyk a medal commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Nencki Institute. Prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń and prof. Andrzej Wróbel honoured prof. Adam Szewczyk with a Diplome D’Honneur for merit to the Nencki Institute.

Prof. Adam Szewczyk also received honourable mentions from:

- prof. Jerzy Duszyński, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences;

- on behalf of Department II of Biological and Agricultural Sciences PAS, prof. Romuald Zabielski, Chairman of Council of Provosts;

- prof. dr hab. Marek Figlerowicz Director of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS;

- prof. Andrzej Wróbel, Chairman of the Nencki Institute’s Scientific Council

- prof. Jolanta Barańska, whilst handing out the book by Tadeusz Mann about prof. Jakub Parnas and Polish scientists working at the Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv. The author gave it to prof. Zofia Zielińska with the intention of passing it on to successive generations working for the development of Polish science, so that the memory of history will remain fresh in people’s memories and available for all to see.

Prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń, then familiarized the participants with the program for the next chapter in the Nencki Institute’s journey.

There was also a medal giving ceremony by the PAS President, prof. Jerzy Duszyński, awarding the Medal of the Polish Academy of Sciences, to prof. Maciej Nałęcz.

At the end, Medal’s for the 100th anniversary of the Nencki Institute for special services towards development of the institution, were awarded to: Prof. Anna M. Ciemerych-Litwinienko, Prof. dr hab. Marek Figlerowicz, Prof. Jacek Jaworski, Prof. Anna Kamińska, Prof. Bożena Kamińska-Kaczmarek , Prof. Stefan Kasicki, prof. Jan Kotwica Dr Ksenia Meyza, prof. Marta Miączyńska, prof. Katarzyna Nałęcz, Dr hab. Katarzyna Piwocka, Dr Tomasz Prószyński, prof. Barbara Przewłocka, Prof. Małgorzata Skup, prof. Kazimierz Wierzchowsk, Prof. Urszula Wojda, prof. Romuald Zabielski, and Agata Karwowska.

Date of publication
5 February 2018