Science Festival at the Nencki Institute

On September 18th-27th, 2020, the XXIV Science Festival was held. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the festival's activities were online.

At the Nencki Institute, 7 lessons for children and youth from primary and high school were conducted by Dorota Dymkowska, Anna Malik, dr Anna Ciesielska, and Łukasz Bijet. In addition, 2 lectures for adults were prepared, delivered by Dr. Alicja Puścian and Dr. Kinga Szydłowska.

Despite the change in form, the lessons and lectures were received with great excitement. Nearly 200 students took part in the lessons, while live lectures were watched by almost 300 people, and additionally, they were made available on the NENCKI EDUTUBE website.

We would like to thank the presenters, who took their time to prepare and conduct the classes. Thanks to you, despite the changes caused by the epidemiological situation, we still effectively and captivatingly popularize science!

Date of publication
14 October 2020