Science Picnic at the National Stadium in Warsaw

On May 27th, from 11 am till 7 pm, the Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Center will take place  at the National Stadium!

Participation in the event is free and there are many attractions for both children and adults.
We cordially invite you to visit the G11 stand of the Nencki Institute in the Health Zone, which is located in the Gallery of the National Stadium.

On our stand you will find:
1. The Revolutionary Discovery of Brainwaves and Methods for Studying Them (Linked to Show 4)
The electrophysiological signal can now be studied not only on the surface of the skull, but also directly in the brain tissue. Look at the brain under the microscope and find the place where the electrodes were implanted.
2. Ants: warriors, rescuers, rebels
Do ants take care of sick sisters? How do they deal with stress? Is social advancement possible in an anthill? Visit the nests of several different ant colonies and learn about their habits.
3. Cognitive functions in everyday life
Time for the brain gymnastics! Check how memory and attention help in everyday activities, such as cycling, driving a car, playing games.
4. Brain waves and future technologies
The discovery of brain waves and the ability to measure them is one of the greatest discoveries of neurobiology. Thanks to them, it is now possible to control e.g. a robot without using your hands.
5. How is the brain built?
Make "brain hats" and get to know the basics of the structure of the brain and how it works.
6. Big discoveries in a little worm.
C. elegans nematodes are model organisms that help guide research into developmental biology, genetics and aging. Take a close look at them.

Date of publication
19 May 2023
Date of event
National Stadium in Warsaw