SPARK Europe Education Webinar

Dear All,

Nencki Institute as a representative of SPARK Poland within SPARK Europe would like to cordially invite you to participate in the next webinar of European SPARKs joint series on June 1st, 16-17 CET.

In this SPARK Europe Webinar titled „Patentability of Life Science Inventions", Dr. Luke Buchanan, will shine light on the subtle differences of EU vs. US Patent law. Our guest is a European patent attorney, working for HERTIN & Partner since 2009.

The series of webinars is open for all students and employees of SPARK-associated organizations (Nencki Institute PAS and International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw).

Registration to the webinar is required in advance. Please register at:

latest on May 31st. With later registrations, access cannot be guaranteed. There are a limited number of places available and they are filled in in the order of registration.

As a reminder, the current Spring 2022 Webinar Series takes place on the first Wednesday of the month at 16 -17 CET and covers topics from design thinking to challenges in selling complex high-tech products from top-quality speakers around Europe and the US.


Best regards,
Paulina Santus

Date of publication
25 May 2022
Date of event