SPARK Europe Education Webinar

Dear All,

Nencki Institute as a representative of SPARK Poland within SPARK Europe would like to cordially invite you to participate in the next webinar of European SPARKs joint series, Fall 2022 edition, on October 12th, 16-17 CET.

In this SPARK Europe Webinar titled „EQIPD – a Quality Management System with Industrial Standards for Preclinical Research” Dr. René Bernard will shine a light on the hallmarks and latest developments of the EQIPD QS (Enhancing Quality In Preclinical Data Quality System). After the webinar, you will know about EQIPD framework and essential aspects of quality management in preclinical research. René has worked as a scientist with preclinical research for several years in academic and industrial settings, co-developed the EQIPD QS, and acts now as GoEQIPD board member.

The series of webinars is open to all students and employees of SPARK-associated organizations (Nencki Institute PAS and International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw).

Registration for the webinar is required in advance. Please register at:

latest on October 11th. With later registrations, access cannot be guaranteed. There are a limited number of places available and they are filled in in the order of registration.

As a reminder, the current Fall 2022 Webinar Series takes place on the first or second Wednesday of the month at 16 -17 CET and covers topics from design thinking to challenges in selling complex high-tech products from top-quality speakers around Europe and the US.


Best regards,
Paulina Santus

Date of publication
5 October 2022
Date of event