SPARK Europe Webinar Series 2023

Business model plan, canvas and other tools

6th September 2023 | 16-17 CET | online webinar


You have a business idea and you are thinking of the best way to present it?

You can choose from a pool of various tools as Business Plan, Business Model Canvas and others. But which of them is the best option for developing and presenting your idea?

In this webinar on "Business model plan, canvas and other tools", Frans Nauta, Program director of Faculty of Impact, will introduce different tools for developing and presenting key elements of your business idea.

After the webinar you will understand

  • characteristics of a Business Model Plan, Business Model Canvas and other tools
  • when to use different tools on different stages of business development
  • common mistakes made when using these tools


SPARK Europe invites you to the first after the summer break webinar on 6th of September at 16:00 CET.

Please register here!

The webinar will be hosted by SPARK BIH @ Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH)

Registration to the webinar is required in advance.

Date of publication
24 August 2023
Date of event