SPARK Europe Webinar Series 2023

Regulatory landscape for medical devices - how to approve your solution quickly in Europe or should you focus on the US market

8th November 2023 | 16-17 CET | online webinar


If you happen to have a solution (e.g. surgical tool, vascular implant, equipment or material for in vitro diagnostics, software etc.) which may become a medical device this online webinar will give you insightful information on getting regulatory approval needed to launch your medical device to the market.

You may implement this knowledge in constructing your research plan and planning budget for your next grant application.


After this talk, you will:

  • understand the right order of main steps to get CE approval needed for your medical device to launch  on the EU market
  • get an overview on timelines and the budget needed for the approval process
  • know the requirements for selecting a suitable Notified Body
  • understand when to choose US market as your first regulatory approval territory


Dr. Jani Virtanen has been working in several international medical device companies (e.g. Nexstim, Sooma Oy, GE Healthcare) for 17 years and has brought more than 15 medical devices to the market. He holds a PhD in Medical Engineering from University of Oulu.


SPARK Europe invites you to join our webinar on 8th of November at 16:00 CET.

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Date of publication
27 October 2023
Date of event