SPARK Innovator Cafe webinar

Dear all,

I am very glad to announce that Nencki Institute once again is the host of the meeting within European SPARKs joint webinar series “Innovator Café”. The webinar will take place on May 12, 16-17 CET.

As a reminder, during the series we bring experienced entrepreneurs and young CEOs together, talking about the Dos and Don’ts of entrepreneurship, sharing their success stories and biggest failures as well.

The Guest of the upcoming meeting is Dr. Filip Jeleń, who has over 15 years of experience gained in research centers in Poland and USA and over 10 years of experience in building start-ups. As a result, he founded Pure Biologics and co-founded Captor Therapeutics, companies that are pioneers in the field of new generation biological drugs in areas including oncology.

The series of webinars is open for all students and employees of SPARK associated organizations (Nencki Institute PAS and International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw).

Registration to the webinar is required in advance. Please register at:

latest on May 12 at 14 CET. With later registrations, access cannot be guaranteed. There are a limited number of places available and they are filled in in the order of registration.

Join us for our Innovator Café with Dr. Filip Jeleń!

Best regards,
Paulina Santus

Date of publication
7 May 2021
Date of event