The 3rd PhD Conference of the Nencki Institute

The 3rd PhD Conference of the Nencki Institute took place on 11th and 12th October at the CN lecture hall. A total of 165 participants attended the event, and 148 scientific abstracts were submitted. The conference was officially inaugurated by prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń, the Director of Nencki Institute.

During the opening ceremony, 1st year PhD students took the official pledge, officiated by prof. Daniel Wójcik.

The conference kicked off with a guest lecture by Magda Bieńko from the Karolinska Institutet on the spatial organization of genetic material within the cell nucleus. This inspiring lecture was followed by four sessions of 15 minute talks, two intense speedtalk sessions and two afternoon poster sessions.

The results of the photo contest “Science through the lens” were announced after the first day of the conference and an exhibition of the awarded photos was opened by prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń.

The conference was capped off by the lecture of Stefan Dziembowski from MiM UW, who decrypted the mysteries of modern cryptology.

Before the closing of the conference, two award ceremonies were held. Medals of the 100th Anniversary of the Nencki Institute were handed to former officers of the PhD Student Council. Best scientific presentations were awarded with diplomas and prizes.

The scientific committee noted the extraordinary high level of submitted work and great presentation skills of the participants. Dance party on Friday night followed the scientific part.

Scientific presentation awards:

Long talks:

1st prize: Natalia Ochocka

2nd prize (joint): Katarzyna Rojek and Roberto Pagano

3rd prize (joint): Katarzyna Chyl and Jan Ludwiczak


1st prize: Kamil Wojnicki

2nd prize: Shur Kucman

3rd prize: Patrycja Kruk


1st prize: Kamil Tomaszewski

2nd prize: Agata Poświata

3rd prize: Julian Swatler

Medals of the 100th Anniversary of the Nencki Institute

  • Joanna Czarnecka
  • Grzegorz Dobrzański
  • Barbara Juraszek

Science thru the lens contest

Category: World under the microscope

Winner: Piotr Sunderland

Distinction: Joanna Szymańska

Category: Scientist at work

Winner: Marcin Herok

Distinction: Szymon Suski

Category: Science is fun

Winner: Barbara Juraszek

Distinction: Paulina Patalas-Krawczyk

Date of publication
16 October 2018