The 4th PhD Conference at the Nencki Institute

On October 2nd-3rd 2019, in the lecture hall of the CN, the 4th Conference of PhD students of the Nencki Institute took place. The conference was inaugurated by dr hab. Artur Marchewka, the organizer of the Conference. As in previous years, during the two-day conference, PhD students of the Institute presented the results of their research in the form of longer (15 min.) or shorter (5 min.) presentations and posters. The conference ended with a lecture by Professor John Mattick, from Green Templeton College in Oxford, entitled "The misunderstanding of molecular biology".

During the closing ceremony, awards were given for the best conference presentations. The Scientific Committee emphasized the high level of work presented and the excellent preparation of the participants.

The prizes for the scientific presentations were awarded to:

Long talks:

1. Anna Kaźmierowska (Laboratory of Brain Imaging, Laboratory of Emotions Neurobiology)

2. Zbigniew Zieliński (Laboratory of Neurobiology)

3. Sai Santosh Babu Komakula (Laboratory of Cell Signaling and Metabolic Disorders)

Short talks:

1. Kamil Wojnicki (Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology)

2. Paloma Alvarez-Suarez (Laboratory of Synaptogenesis)

3. Mateusz Kostecki (Laboratory of Emotions Neurobiology)


1. Patrycja Dzianok (Laboratory of Emotions Neurobiology)

2. Ines Simoes (Laboratory of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes)

3. Natalia Nowak (Laboratory of Imaging Tissue Structure and Function Neurobiology Center)

Date of publication
14 October 2019