The National Science Centre grants for the Nencki Institute

The National Science Centre has announced the ranking lists of projects approved for funding in the OPUS 25 and PRELUDIUM 22 calls. Scientists from the Nencki Institute received financial support for 6 research projects:



dr hab. Adriana Magalska - The role of NONO protein in the neuronal activity-dependent gene expression, structural plasticity and animal behavior



mgr Katia Alghoz - Determination of the molecular mechanism of action of TRIM32 E3 ligase in the regulation of adipocytes' function
mgr Eryk Duński - Modulation of activity of human-specific enhancers in iPSC-derived astrocytes
mgr Wiktoria Podolecka - The role of nasal epethilium in the generation of ketamine-dependent abnormal brain rhythms
mgr Laura Turos-Korgul - The novel role of CD44 protein in the bone marrow microenvironment-mediated metabolic remodeling of chronic myeloid leukemia cells
mgr Marta Wójcik - Stable, yet incorrect? Studying the orthographic representations in children with isolated spelling deficit


Date of publication
4 December 2023