The National Science Centre Grant’s for The Nencki Institute

OPUS - Competition for research projects, which included financing the purchase or production of research equipment necessary for the implementation of these projects

dr hab. Dorota Włoga- Radial spoke RS3, its protein composition and role in cilia beating.

dr Aleksandra Ellert-Miklaszewska - Reprogramming antitumor innate immunity in gliomas with osteopontin/Spp1 interfering peptides and nanovehicles-delivered siRNA/shRNA.

PRELUDIUM - Competition for research projects carried out by people starting a career in science who do not hold a doctor’s degree.

mgr Marta Dorota Kolba - Role of direct intercellular exchange of vesicles and proteins in modulating biological functions of chronic myeloid leukemia cells by stromal cells.

mgr inż. Katarzyna Kordecka - Study of the mechanism of visual responses enhancement at the cortical and subcortical level after visual training

Date of publication
17 November 2017