The Nencki Institute at the Science Picnic 2023

On May 27, 2023, the Nencki Institute took part in the Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Center at the National Stadium.

We have prepared a number of shows:

  • "Ants: warriors, rescuers, rebels", where children and adults could learn about the fascinating and complex world of ants and cockroaches and learn how research on their behavior deepens neurobiological knowledge;
  • "Cognitive functions in everyday life", where in the form of workshops children could get acquainted with various techniques of brain exercise;
  • "Brain waves and technologies of the future" allowed them to get acquainted with the technologies of brain activity testing, and volunteers could check how the EEG test is performed;
  • "How the brain works?" is a show aimed at the youngest participants, who through fun and making a brain cap learn what function our brain has;
  • "Verification of the location of electrodes in brain tissue under a microscope" where children and adults could learn about modern research technologies and view the brains of various animals under a microscope;
  • "Great discoveries in a small worm" - Dr. Adam Kłosin and his team presented how research involving Caenorhabditis elegans revolutionized world science and allowed to make many important discoveries.

Our stand was visited by many children, teenagers and adults. We were very pleased to share our passion and knowledge with you!
We would like to thank all those involved in organizing our stand:

  • dr Adam Kłosin with his lab members: dr Adriana Magalska, Barbara Hanulak, Natalia Stec, Konradem Kowalskim, Tugba Duran
  • dr hab. Aneta Szymaszek with Magdalena Stańczyk, Klaudia Krystecka, Adrianna Zając and Marią Wrzosek
  • dr Julita Korczyńska and Anna Szczuka, Julia Urzykowska, Neptun Andrzejczyk, Kacper Piwowarek
  • Jacek Wróbel, dr hab. Dorota Dymkowska, Natalia Dymkowska, Magda Krakowczyk, Krutika Thakkur, dr Dominika Malińska, Agata Wydrych, dr Kinga Szydłowska

See you next year!

Nencki Institute Team for Popularization of Science


Date of publication
7 June 2023