The Scientific Council Report Session

The Scientific Council Report Session took place February 22nd 2019. During the sitting, there was a part of the meeting open for the public, in which scientific achievements were presented by prof. Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, dr Monika Bijata, dr Jakub Mieczkowski and dr Wioleta Grabowska. After this, prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń, the director of the Institute, presented systematic review of achievements and activities ongoing at the institute in 2018. Her report was accepted unanimously by members of the Scientific Council. At the end, prof. Dobrzyń presented commemorative medals for the 100 anniversary of the Nencki Institute to people of merit.

During the closed for public sitting, the Scientific Council elected members of the Scientific Council Committees. Members of Committee for Evaluation of the Scientific Staff are: prof. Maria Anna Ciemerych-Litwinienko, prof. Marek Figlerowicz,  prof. J. Jaworski, dr hab. Ewelina Knapska, prof. IBD PAN, prof. Anna Nowicka, prof. Marcin Opałło, dr hab. Katarzyna Piwocka, prof. IBD PAN, prof. Maria Jolanta Rędowicz. Members of Committee for Ethics in Science are: prof. Lech Wojtczak and prof. Małgorzata Kossut. Members of Financial Committee are: prof. Sławomir Pikuła, prof. Daniel Wójcik and prof. Katarzyna Piwocka. Members of Research Activity Committee are prof. Agnieszka Chacińska, prof. Marta Miączyńska, prof. Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, prof. Leszek Kaczmarek, dr hab. Jakub Wlodarczyk, prof. IBD PAN.

Date of publication
27 February 2019