The visit of non-hearing and and deaf youth at the Nencki Institute

On June 5th at the Nencki Institute, in cooperation with the Marceli Nencki Foundation for the Support of Biological Sciences, a workshop entitled "Biological imaging" for non-hearing and deaf youth from CXXXIX High School and Technical School No. 31 (Łucka str. in Warsaw), was organized. Young people during classes and shows learned "How does our brain work?" (Laboratory of Brain Imaging); "What can we see in a cell?" (Laboratory of Imaging Tissue Structures and Functions), and "What do you need an electron microscope for?" (Laboratory of Electron Microscopy). The students were accompanied by teachers-translators of sign language, who simultaneously translated words into gestures understandable for the deaf. It turned out to be only a minor difficulty because young people with great interest and activity participated in classes, which ended with the mutual assurance, that the first workshop will most certainly not be the last of its kind. A series of classes are planned with the youth from the Center at Łucka and the Institute of the Deaf at Plac Trzech Krzyży in Warsaw. 

11 June 2018