Workshop for Young People from the Institute of the Deaf

On May 13th 2019, at the Nencki Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the workshop "BIOLOGICAL IMAGING - FROM MOLECULE TO ORGANISM", organized by the Marcel Nencki Foundation for the Support of Biological Sciences, took place for deaf students from Schools at the Institute of the Deaf at Plac Trzech Krzyży in Warsaw. This is the second edition of workshops taking place for hearing-impaired youth. The first took place a year ago. Young people during classes and presentations learned "How does our brain work?" (Laboratory of Brain Imaging, Dr. Artur Marchewka and Anna Banaszkiewicz); "What can we see in the cell?" (Laboratory of Electron Microscopy, Dr. Hanna Nieznańska and Dr. Andrzej Szczepankiewicz); "Imaging by means of a light microscope" (Laboratory of Imaging of Tissue Structure and Functions, Dr. Jędrzej Szymański, Artur Wolny). The students were supported by sign language teachers and interpreters, who simultaneously translated the words for a greater level of ease in understanding. This was only a minor difficulty, as the all the young participants showed great interest and excitement in each activity presented to them.

Date of publication
21 May 2019