Wprost Magazine ShEO Award for Women for Science

The Women for Science (WISAN) organisation has been awarded the ShEO Award 2021. The ShEO Awards are given to women leaders in business, social and cultural life by the Wprost Magazine. The award honours and sums up their achievements and is a source of inspiration for other women.

Women for Science received the award in the "Advocate for Equality" category for their efforts in supporting women in the world of science and raising awareness of the real costs of inequality in Academia. The award ceremony took place on 13 September 2021. Congratulations to all WISAN members: Diana Legutko,  Paloma Alvarez-Suarez, Marta Gawor, Alicja Puścian, Martyna Pękała, Magdalena Gomółka, Urszula Markowska and Izabela Lepiarz-Raba.

WISAN would like to dedicate the award to young researchers who are embarking on the path of a scientific career and those dreaming of conducting research.

17 September 2021