14. Scientific Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre

More than 200 institutions participated in the event, presenting their scientific goals and achievements. Like in previous years Nencki actively contributed to the picnic. This year we prepared a series of presentations entitled „ Huge societies of tiny citizens”. Our events were organized by the staff of the Laboratory of Ethology headed by Prof. A. Godzińska with help from the following people:

- Anna Gonzalez Szwacka, PhD
- Julita Korczyńska, PhD
- Beata Symonowicz, M.Sc.
- Anna Szczuka, PhD
- Andrzej Wnuk, M.Sc.

Presentations of the Polish ants’ colonies were a huge success. Visitors also saw how ants are reared under laboratory conditions, learned about the demography of an ant colony, and what mechanisms enable efficient organization and functioning of great societies consisting in some species of millions of individuals.

Our posters showed huge societies of certain ant species and the fantastic and diverse shapes of ants in large magnification.

Our visitors learned how to use binoculars, examine ants under different magnifications and compare the exterior of different ant species.

A special attraction was a drawing competition for children with awards (stuffed animals, sweets). Their works were displayed. While all presentations were warmly received by the visitors, for us it was particularly exciting to watch the enthusiasm of children, who draw their own impressions of ants.

25 June 2010