Applied research project NCRD for prof. Bożena Kamińska team

National Centre for Research and Development awarded the Applied Research Project "A new, complex and highly specific glioblastoma therapy" invented by the consortium of GLIA s.a. and Nencki Institute. Glioblastoma is a common brain tumor in adults which due to late diagnosis and lack of efficient therapy remains incurable. Median survival of patients with glioblastoma is 15 months. Prof. B. Kaminska's group discovered several glioma-derived proteins that support tumor invasion and block antitumor immune responses. Prototypic peptide inhibitors were designed and their antitumor activity will be verified. This project endeavors to verify systematically specificity and antitumor efficacy of innovative, peptide inhibitors in a preclinical model of human glioblastoma. The project is directed by Dr. Pawel Wisniewski (GLIA s.a.) under scientific supervision of prof. Bozena Kaminska.

Date of publication
28 August 2014