Artistic scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for Łukasz Bożycki

Łukasz Bożycki, PhD candidate from the Laboratory of Biochemistry of Lipids at the Nencki Institute, received an Artistic Scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The project  entitled "Soul Comes to Mind" is a creative combination of two environments: artistic and scientific. This venture is part of the Art and Science and Bio-art.

"I want to use art as a thread linking scientific achievements with the basic right of every citizen to information. In my project, which I started a few months ago, I want to create a series of photographs illustrating the subjective beauty of scientific discoveries at the Nencki Institute.  During the preparation of my biological dissertation, I repeatedly encountered breathtaking paintings, of which only a small number went to scientific publications, and a considerable part of them was only a statistical contribution. I want to change that!", explains Lukasz Bożycki.

As a result of the project there will a photo exhibition hosted at the Institute  at the end of this year.

Date of publication
24 May 2017